Soul Survivor is a Christian organisation that runs events to encourage young people to live out a life of worship and see Jesus' love and grace impact them and their part of the world.




Leaders are great. Because they are so great we thought we'd give them some very special advice to help them as they book and organise groups to come to Momentum. Some of the info here is repeated elsewhere, but as it's all here, you don't need to go anywhere else!


When it comes to making a booking for a bunch of people you'll first need to make sure you've got all the info: names, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses.

1. Create the booking by going to our online booking system

2. Add your group to your booking. They MAY already have their details on our system in which case you'll have the option to check and include them OR to create their ID from scratch (using the info you've got for them). You can't book blank spaces so you will need to have details of all those who want to come, including stuff like date of birth, address and email address.

3. Paying for your booking. You will need to pay the full fee to secure your place and to meet the discount deadline requirements. Once you've created the booking you can let your group know and they can pay their own fees online (they'll be sent an automatic email by us when you create their ID on our system). Don't forget to remind your group about the discounts and deadlines.

Find out about discounts and payment deadlines...


Rather than offer group discounts, we incentivise early booking with substantial discounts before our discount deadlines


Booking info - There's some info on group bookings above but if you have another question, hopefully you'll find the answere here!

Prices - are all above. If you're ready to book head over here!

Camping info (and info on hiring a tent/caravan) If you're thinking about trying a B&B check out the list at the bottom of this page.

The basics of what Momentum is - handy if you or someone in your group haven't been before!

Kids work - for those bringing under 11s

Directions, arrival and departure info, details on wristbands plus what you can get to eat can all be found here

Site rules and info about accessibility and special needs provision can be found on this page 

We'll upload a suggested list of stuff it might be helpful to bring nearer the summer as well as ministry guidelines (which will  also be in the programme when you get to the event).

If you have any questions drop us an email:

UNDER 18S...

Momentum is aimed at students and those in their twenties and thirties, but we expect one or two under 18 year olds to slip in and join a group here and there! If that is true of your group please be aware that under 18s must come to the event with a group leader.

If you're under 18 then you'll need to book on with a responsible adult who is over 18.

Every six under-18s must be accompanied by a group leader who is over 18.

The group leader is responsible for the under 18s in their group at all times. By this logic, over 18s are responsible for themselves at all times!


Do make sure that you have listed all the tents you are bringing when you book (there is space on the online form). If you are planning on bringing a marquee or extra size tent, simply increase the number of tents accordingly. You can use the following guide:

1 small tent: 2.5m square
1 large tent: 5m square
1 caravan & awning: 10m square
1 trailer tent: 10m square


Latest News!

We've got a brand new event for you!

28th July

Come & join us in 2017 for our Naturally Supernatural event with all your favourite Momentum venues + Momentum camping villages!

Speakers and seminars update

2nd June

We're lining up a range of seminars on relevant topics from brilliant communicators for you this summer.

Naturally Supernatural

8th February

Come and join us next week for Naturally Supernatural! Guest speakers include Debby Wright, Simon Holley, Wendy Mann and Rob Wall.



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