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Thoughts to help us this Christmas

Getting together with family is, for many of us, a huge part of Christmas. But whilst that fills some of us with joy, for many the very thought of it can fill us with apprehension or even dread.


In our increasingly post-Christian nation, people aren't inclined to listen when the Church speaks. So how do we get people to take notice of the kingdom message? How can we bring God's kingdom rule and reign in a culture that worships self?

New live album

Competition time!
Would you like to win a copy of the brand new live album?! It’s coming out in November and you could be one of the first in line to receive one. We’d love to see your photos from the summer so if you’ve got a good shot you’d be happy to share (and be happy for us to use in the future) email it across to and we’ll pick our favourite to win a copy of ‘The Flood’! 

(and then fight for it)

As a new Christian at 18, I was baptised into a church where I was told God loves me – amazing! He wants good things for me – hurray! He has dreams to give me, things he wants me to do – wow! He always delivers on his promises, he’s always faithful, he’s always good – who could ask for more?! But somehow I misinterpreted these (true) statements into the belief that following after the dreams God gave me would be easy.

A few thoughts that might help us as we try and communicate with others

I’d like to make a confession: I’ve had years of training in communication and yet sometimes I still have trouble talking to people. When I’m still trying to get my head around something happening in my life, and I know I need some extra help, I start to feel really vulnerable. I know that talking about what’s going on can be crucial but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.
In my work as a psychologist I meet a lot of people who have trouble talking and it shows up in a number of ways.


Anxiety is given to us by God to keep us safe and yet it can get out of control and start to overwhelm and paralyse us. So how do we challenge the anxiety we feel? Can we really overcome our anxious thoughts?

A number of years ago Ali suffered with depression...

I can't really pin point when my depression began - it sort of crept in, settled down with a nice cup of tea and made itself comfy while I was busy trying to deal with other things, like life.

Okay, so what is depression?

I had an incredible time being at Momentum this summer and loved how open so many of you were in sharing your stories with me. As a team we were blown away by the number of texts we received during the main session and because there was no way to answer them all, I thought I’d write you a few blogs looking at the main themes that came up. The most common theme was depression so this month we’ll look at what depression is and some of the ways we can overcome it.




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