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One way to describe God is 'extravagantly generous' and we see that in everything from the abundance in creation thorough to way he gave everything to restore our relationship with him in Jesus. If we're made to reflect God shouldn't we too be known as crazily generous people? And how is it that the more we give away, the more we seem able to receive from God?


Sean is a tutor in Ethics at St Mellitus and one of the clergy at a housing estate church plant in London. He has just completed a doctorate on economic ethics, has written a booklet on medical ethics, is married to Gaby (whom he met at Soul Survivor) and they have three young children.

Meeting someone we like is great but raises all sorts of questions...

We’ve all been there: a girl or guy catches our attention and we think about what it would be like to start dating them. Meeting someone we like is great but it raises all sorts of questions: how do I approach them? Will I mess it up? How do I know if it’s God’s will? Should I just go for it? In short: what do we do next?


We spend more of our adult lives at work than we do with our friends and family and yet we often have low expectations of how God will use us in our workplaces. Do the ordinary everyday things we do in life matter to God? How can he use them to make us better disciples? And what should our attitude to work be?

Media highlights for January

Some media moments including a talk from Andy, a spotlight on Danielle Stickland's book Boundless, and a promo video for the summer!

Sharing your faith in the workplace

Tim Keller recently said: ‘Bad evangelism says: I'm right, you're wrong, and I would love to tell you about it.’ In an age of scepticism, cynicism and post-modernism I think this is a very important statement for us to hear.
I was recently at a dinner hosted by my medical school when I was approached by one of the other final year students. He introduced himself as Adam and as talked he brought up the subject of my faith, which he had heard about through mutual friends.

Partnering with God at work

It’s amazing what modern science is teaching us about how the human brain works. For instance, did you know that when you do a repetitive task your brain can remember how to do it without you directly thinking about it? It forms ‘neural pathways’ – Google it if you’re interested, but for now all you need to know is that your brain is really good at remembering how to do stuff!

Thoughts on Advent

I love everything about Christmas; the knitwear, playlists, seasonal coffee flavours, ‘Home Alone’, yuletide joy (although I don’t really know what that is), eggnog (nor that), and the fact that it’s the season when kitsch becomes cool.
But there’s a lot of expectation and a lot of hype.


Who do you really think you are? Do you believe what God has to say about you? It can be hard to walk it out day by day so where do we get our real sense of value? And how can we embrace the part we each have to play in God's plan for salvation?

December media highlights

Some media moments from January, including a talk from Andy and a remix competition!




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