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Some thoughts on Advent
Waiting, waiting, waiting… No one likes waiting. It doesn’t matter if it’s waiting to pay, waiting for a webpage to load, or waiting for a friend to respond to a text, it can be pretty annoying and feel like wasted time. But from 29th November until Christmas Eve the church enters into a whole season of waiting called ‘Advent’.


Inspired by Jesus' words in Luke 10:27, President of the London School of Theology Krish Kandiah unpacks how we can build some practices into our lives to help grow a resilient faith.


Daniel unpacks the challenge of the command to go, and the promise that God will be with us as we do.


Kiera Phyo, who heads up the Tearfund Rhythms team, shares some challenging thoughts on having a faith that we won't grow out of.


Jonny Hughes, Student Pastor at HTB, unpacks some thoughts on growing in maturity in our faith; by walking with Jesus and walking with others.

Seeing work as service for others

We’re aware that our Western culture is hugely individualistic, but I wonder if you’ve ever considered how rife individualism is in the whole area of work? Careers advice is centred around questions like, ‘Where do you want to be in ten years’ time – what steps do you need to take to get you there?’ and ‘What do you want to get out of a job?’ Career success is measured in terms of the things that an individual takes from their work, be that salary, status or more subtle rewards like self-fulfilment. It’s all about me, me me.

Momentum Thoughts

How do we share and communicate God's love to the world? What compels us to accept his challenge and step out into the unknown, risky and even dangerous places?

Four points to ponder

I recently turned 29 and have been reflecting on closing in on the end of my twenties, an incredibly formative and shaping decade. Little lists seem to be all the rage at the moment, so here are four lessons from my 20s...

Holding on when things get tough

I am writing this a few days after getting back from an amazing weekend away with my husband.  A blissful 48 hours of romance, relaxation and fun with my best friend.  The hotel was gorgeous and the food was amazing but that wasn’t what made the weekend so special.  I know this for a fact as we went to the same hotel last year and I didn’t love it quite so much.  Because 12 months ago we weren’t doing so well.  We’d somehow lost our friendship, lost sight of why we’d chosen the other, and we both felt swallowed up by the demands of parenthood and life as a whole.

Learning how to build strong friendships

It’s one of our society’s oddities that although we are taught maths, science and the arts, although we are educated about sex, citizenship and personal hygiene, none of us have ever received a formal lesson in friendship. Our friendships shape our lives for good, or bad, more than anything else, but usually we stumble into them accidentally and much of our behaviour towards friends is instinctive rather than intentional.




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